Welcome to Old Mine Jewelers, where we sell the most pristine and flawless jewelry in San Antonio.


Retail. Repairs. Custom Designs.


We handle custom designs carefully to satisfy our clients’ expectations. Our work requires little time, but great effort as all jewelry repairs are completed in-house.

Our business takes minimal time, but with much effort, for our in-house jewelry repairs. We handle our custom designs with precaution to satisfy our clients’ expectations.

Specializing in Custom Fine Jewelry

We specialize in designing everything from simple and traditional to the most modern and exquisite jewelry you can imagine. Our goal is to bring our customers’ wants and needs in their jewelry imagination to life. We have and always will offer our jewelry and custom work at competitive prices, because we are family-owned and operated.

The smiles and sense of joy all our clients and customers leave with tells the real story behind our work. We are constantly striving to offer the best value and service in our merchandise, and always treat our customers with dignity and respect. The sophisticated creations of Old Mine Jewelers, together with personalized service and support, have made us a business recognized for its excellence in innovative efforts, outstanding success, and exceptionally fast growth.